Molecular Engines Laboratories (MEL) was created with the main purpose of expanding on a large scale, the existing research and unique approach to cancer, “Tumor Reversion”, conceived and developed during previous years by Drs. Adam Telerman and Robert Amson at the Fondation Jean Dausset, CEPH (Centre d’Etudes du Polymorphisme Humain) in Paris.

The core of our research is focused on the analysis and understanding of the molecular mechanism which makes it possible for a cancer cell to quit its malignant state and to revert to a suppressed-malignant phenotype.

Once elucidated, this natural phenomenon will make it possible for us to either re-educate cancer cells into becoming non-malignant, or select the genes and its derived proteins that posses the highest therapeutic potential, in order to create a future generation of anti-cancer drugs.