1. Cellular biology and virology
- Isolation of revertant cells from different cancer cell lines.
- Conception and construction of various models for tumor reversion.
- Validation through soft agar technique, in vitro transfections and in vivo injections.

2. Differential expression and bio-informatics
mRNA extraction and sequencing.
- cDNA replication by PCR technique
- Differential gene expression analysis between cancer and revertant cells through differential display technique (MEL), Megasort™ and MPSS™ (LYNX).
- Confirmation by Northern Blot, and real time PCR.

3. Function of proteins and Pharmacology
- Protein interaction identification through the Yeast Two-Hybrid technique
- Elucidation of the functional relevance of protein interactors.
- Characterization of the signaling pathways involved in tumor suppression/reversion.
- Target validation of potential therapeutic proteins.