PRESS RELEASE - CEREP - February 10, 2005

Acquisition of MEL
On May 25, 2004, Cerep announced its project to acquire MEL (Molecular Engines Laboratories). The acquisition was finalized on January 7, 2005. 400,000 new shares were issued for the payment of this acquisition. Cerep holds as of this date 100% of MEL's equity.

PRESS RELEASE - December 03, 2003
Molecular Engines Laboratories (MEL) Announces the Publication a Comprehensive Study on the Mechanism of Action of TCTP, a Key Protein involved in Tumor Reversion.

PRESS RELEASE - October 28, 2003
Molecular Engines Laboratories Gains Exclusive Access to Ingenium's INGENOtypes(R) Mouse Model for Cancer Gene

PRESS RELEASE - June 4, 2003
SCYNEXIS and Molecular Engines Laboratories Announce Research Collaboration For Discovery of Novel Anti-Cancer Therapies

PRESS RELEASE - April 11, 2003
Molecular Engines Laboratories announces the publication of a comprehensive study on TSAP6, one of its main therapeutic target genes involved in tumor reversion.

PRESS RELEASE - December 10, 2002
Lynx and Molecular Engines Laboratories Announce Publication of Results from Gene Expression Analyses in Biological Models for Tumor Reversion

PRESS RELEASE - October 20, 2000
The Company has experimentally established a relationship between cancer reversion and neurological functioning

PRESS RELEASE - September 17, 2000
Lynx and Molecular Engines announce corporate partnership on cancer

PRESS RELEASE - June 28, 2000
Why is Molecular Engines Laboratories (MEL) strategy of developing anti-cancer drugs an attractive solution?

PRESS RELEASE - June 28, 2000
Tumor reversion : a new strategy against cancer