PRESS RELEASE - June 4, 2003

SCYNEXIS and Molecular Engines Laboratories Announce Research Collaboration For Discovery of Novel Anti-Cancer Therapies

Paris, France, June 4, 2003
CAMBRIDGE, England and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., June 4, 2003 /PRNewswire/
UK-based drug discovery Chemistry company SCYNEXIS Europe Ltd. announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration in anti-cancer therapeutics with Molecular Engines Laboratories (MEL) Paris, France.

The goal is to discover and develop novel compounds with a unique mode of action. MEL's discovery biology teams will access compounds produced by the SCYNEXIS automated MEDCHEM-FACTORY(TM) and utilize HEOS(TM) Hit Explorer Operating System software. This will accelerate the identification of novel leads for MEL's novel cancer targets by designing and rapidly producing highly focused, high-purity drug-like compound libraries followed by intensive lead optimization to identify clinical candidates.

Specific financial terms have not been disclosed. However, MEL will retain IP and exclusive worldwide rights to products developed through the collaboration in exchange for technology access fees and other compensation for SCYNEXIS technologies and services.

"SCYNEXIS is delighted with its new relationship with MEL, a highly innovative biotechnology company. This collaboration is another example of SCYNEXIS Chemistry technology accelerating the drug discovery process. We look forward to working closely with MEL's scientists and helping to bring much needed new therapies to this compelling area," said Dr. Peter Lowe, Managing Director of SCYNEXIS Europe Ltd.

Molecular Engines Laboratories (MEL) is a biopharmaceutical company with a solid scientific platform and an innovative approach to cancer therapy, tumor reversion, developed by MEL's founders and Chief Scientists Drs. Adam Telerman and Robert Amson. The company has, in the past 3 years, successfully developed and validated 5 tumor reversion cell models. In addition, it has discovered over 200 genes involved in the mechanism of tumor reversion. With a considerable number of new potential cancer targets, the company is currently working on the optimization of several drug candidates against a number of targets.

For additional information, please contact: or consult MELís website:

SCYNEXIS Europe Ltd. is located near Cambridge, England, and SCYNEXIS Inc., is headquartered near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina in the United States. By combining its chemists' expertise with its proprietary MEDCHEM-FACTORY(TM) technology and Hit Explorer Operating System (HEOS(TM)), SCYNEXIS is increasing the productivity and speed of the pharmaceutical discovery process. As an innovator in the field of drug-like compound design and high-speed synthesis with special expertise in the area of automation, SCYNEXIS is reshaping the process of discovery and optimization of new, promising compounds.

SCYNEXIS provides a full range of highly integrated synthetic chemistry processes and technologies to the life sciences industry -- From Concept To Clinic(TM) -- representing the next step in the industrialization of the drug discovery process. SCYNEXIS offers, in addition to its patented MEDCHEM- FACTORY(TM) technology, novel hit generation compounds, hit explosion and lead optimization services as well as process optimization, the production of clinical samples in its GMP facility and radio-labelled compound synthesis services. For more information, please visit